Should You Ever

A Jazz Combo work for Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trombone and Rhythm Section.

This Latin Funk tune opens with a funky 16th note Intro played by piano, bass, and drums. The main head features the soprano playing a lyrical line that is interestingly accented and which builds to the 16th note latin funk riff of the interlude.

Soloists can choose between two different sets of changes (the changes of the head, or a more open set of changes)

There is a Combo arrangement in G minor. (Score and Parts are below).
There is also an arrangement for trio (Piano, bass, drums) in E Minor. (See below for lead sheet)

Combo version Score in G minor Should You Ever SCORE 4hrns G minor

Lead Sheet for Trio Version in E minor Should You Ever

Check out the Combo recording Should You Ever ©®2011 by Anthony D. Villa
Should You Ever
(Steve Scheinberg,ss, as, Mark Osteen, ts, Bernie Robier, trb, Anthony Villa, ele pno, Jay Dulaney, bass, Mark St. Pierre, drums)

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