One Tune Three

A Jazz Combo work for Trumpet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trombone, and Rhythm Section.

This medium-up tempo piece starts with a sly, bluesy unison line which is punctuated by some dense chords. This leads to a longer, more singing line on trumpet in the bridge. The unison line returns but is played in a 2-part round. The dense chords return to end the head. The Solo section feature a 32-bar chorus with dominant 7th chords that move chromatically in the A sections and a series of ii-Vs in the bridge.

Click below for a pdf of the piano part:

Pdf of piano score One Tune Three PIANO Part

Check out this combo recording of One Tune Three ©® 2011 by Anthony D. Villa
One Tune Three
(Eric Heavner, trp, Steve Scheinberg, as, Mark Osteen , ts, Bernie Robier, trb, Anthony Villa, pno, Jay Dulaney, bass, Mark St. Pierre, drums)

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